Geothermal Energy 

One of the most cost-efficient source of energy in the United States is Geothermal energy because it is already being used to heat many homes in the US alone and also across other countries in the world. It is positioned as a source of renewable energy that will play a significant role in the future because of the current advancements in the technology today 

One person has agreed to support this statistical projection – Bill Gates. One of his life’s greatest advocate is stressing the importance of having a cleaner energy source and he has been funding several research grants to further develop the industry for renewable energy. With this in mind, Gates has funded a geothermal startup to help the world convert more earth’s heat into a usable electricity. 

By definition, geothermal energy derives the heat of the earth and convert it to an efficient source of energy to warm or cool down costs. These help home owners to save from heating and cooling cost. Also, what is the amazing thing about geothermal energy is that it doesn’t require burning fossil fuels just to generate heat. It is more natural and it can help the preservation of the nature. 

How does Geothermal Energy works? 

The heat that is coming from the core of the earth helps underground water to warm and increase in temperature. As a result, it creates a steam which then breaks through the earth’s curst.  

Before, companies are having a hard time deriving electricity from geothermal energy because of the outdated technologies. However, there has been a dramatic changes and improvements with our technology and this now helped companies to extract the heat energy from the earth to help people cool and warm their residential homes. 

With this in mind, this technology can now be installed in residential homes. There are few different ways on doing this. One of which, home owners use and install ground heat exchangers to pump fluid inside a closed-loop system. This system is now circulated within the soil and contains refrigerant fluid to help heat the home. 

What are electrical enclosures used for Geothermal Energy? 

There are two types of geothermal power plants: dry steam and residential geothermal plants. Design engineers should keep in mind that outdoor elements that may be present in these environments should be considered in choosing the right enclosure in this type of application. The enclosures that are designed to use outdoors are designed to provide a certain level of protection from dust, dirt, and water ingress. 

In addition to this, outdoor enclosures can be made from these different materials suitable for outdoor applications: stainless steel, polycarbonate plastic, and aluminum. It is important to note that geothermal energy processes involves using a hot fluid or steam, thus requiring the enclosure to withstand high temperature environments and processes. 

But one of the materials greatly considered for this is aluminum. Because they are able to endure high temperatures and is a perfect fit as a material for enclosures designed to protect electrical equipment in geothermal systems.