NEMA 12 General Reference Applications 

NEMACO technology manufactures NEMA 12 enclosures which are designed primarily for any indoor, industrial, manufacture and machining uses and applications. NEMA 12 electrical enclosures are engineered to protect equipment from dust, dirt, and non-corrosive liquids, oils or any lubricants. Rest assured that NEMACO follows the NEMA standards to give the customers the quality electrical enclosures to suit any industrial applications. Our company produces NEMA 12 enclosures using carbon steel material to ensure the quality and efficiency of the product. 

NEMACO NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosures – General Features: 

  • Built for industrial use – indoor or outdoor 
  • It gives protection for electrical equipment from dust, dirt, and any hazardous liquids 
  • It keeps the equipment from being exposed to non-corrosive liquids, oils or any lubricants. 
  • Damages are avoided because it keeps the electrical equipment from being damaged because of exposure to noncorrosive liquids 
  • We manufacture NEMA 12 enclosures with oil-resistant gaskets 
  • NEMACO manufactures NEMA 12 enclosures with pre-punched holes, latches or locks, insulation, cutouts, lift-off hinges. 

NEMACO NEMA 12 Additional Features 

In our company, we have available NEMA 12 enclosures available with front door and two quarter turn latches. In addition to this, NEMA 12 has the door open with continuous seals inside the enclosure door. Our NEMA 12 enclosures are made with a good seal to avoid dust ingress and it gives water protection from unexpected water drippings. Our technology produces designs that obliterate most of the foreign objects or dust from ruining your electric equipment. 

NEMACO NEMA 12 Enclosure Types 

Nemaco Technology offers NEMA 12 Enclosures & Cabinets: 

  • Temperature Controlled AC Cooling (1,000 to 10,000 BTU) 
  • Powder Coated & Tough Marine Epoxy Coatings 
  • Lightweight & Strong Aluminum Alloys (5052, etc) 
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel (304, 316) 

Nemaco – Wall Mounted – Electrical Enclosures & Cabinets 

  • NEMA 12 Enclosures, Removable Cover, JIC 
  • NEMA 12 Enclosures, Hinged Cover, JIC 
  • NEMA 12 Enclosures, Hinged Dual Cover (front & back sides), JIC 
  • Nemaco – Floor Mounted – 19 inch EIA Rackmount Enclosures & Cabinets 
  • NEMA 12 Cabinets, Single Door 
  • NEMA 12 Cabinets, Double Doors (front doors) 
  • NEMA 12 Cabinets, Double Doors (front & back) 

Nemaco – Wall Mounted – 19 inch EIA Rackmount Enclosure & Cabinet Products 

  • NEMA 12 Server Enclosure, Removable Cover, JIC 
  • NEMA 12 Server Enclosure, Hinged Cover, JIC 
  • NEMA 12 Server Enclosure, Hinged Dual Cover (front & back sides), JIC 
  • Nemaco – Floor Mounted – 19 inch EIA Rackmount Enclosures & Cabinets 
  • NEMA 12 Server Cabinet, Single Door 
  • NEMA 12 Server Cabinet, Double Doors (front doors) 
  • NEMA 12 Server Cabinet, Double Doors (front & back) 

NEMA 12 Materials 

With this in mind, NEMACO manufactures most of NEMA 12 enclosures from carbon steel materials (such as sheet metal, hinges) and we also provide an option to do overall powder coats on entire enclosures’ surfaces uniformly. After which the powder coating is finished (totally cured and dry), then we finally set and assemble the other remaining parts that complete and finishes the enclosure – such as foam seals, handles, latches, etc. Our company can offer you a wide variety of power coat & paint colours that will suit your industrial applications and business needs. When your NEMA 12 electrical enclosure is done and finished, we will ship the product to your preferred freight company. 

Carbon Steel 

Carbon steel compared to other raw material steels has a higher carbon content, including iron and manganese. Carbon steel as an electrical enclosure material is considered to be one of the widely and known used material steel because compared to other steels available, it has many functions and advantages that includes in its efficiency. Carbon steel is malleable, therefore it can be melted and can be turned into different specific shapes. 

There are generally four types of carbon steel according to these categories: low or mild steel, medium steel, high steel, and ultra high steel. 

Low steel contains lower content of carbon among all other types of carbon steel. This type of carbon steel is easier to form a shape and this is the most affordable compared to other types of metals. It is commonly used in manufacturing equipment for construction purposes. Despite the advantages, it has low strength and durability because of the lower carbon content. 

Medium steel is another type of carbon steel which is resistant to longer use or wear and tear. Compared to low steel, this is more durable and stronger. Medium steel is commonly used in producing large metal structures and automotive accessories such as axles, shafts, couplings and other materials applicable to this industry. 

High steel is one of the strongest carbon steel ever known because it has a high steel variety. It is generally used in producing high strength springs and wires. 

Ultra high steel is a carbon steel type which is very formal, but strong recommended to use in manufacturing knives and axles. These types of carbon steel, metals are used in the production of various types of industrial tools and machines. Ultra high steel carbons are used extensively in producing different cutting tools, drill bits, and knives because these types of tools require strong but very flexible material. 

NEMA 12 Accessories  

All of our NEMA 12 industrial 19″ rackmount electrical server enclosures & cabinets can be made with the following options: adjustable rack rails, clear Lexan windows, temperature controlled AC cooling, double doors, grounding studs, padlock provisions, sub-panels (powder coated carbon steel & aluminum), single shelf, adjustable shelves, custom cut-outs and many custom colors (light computer gray, industrial gray, royal blue, sunny orange, super black magic). 

NEMA 12 Indoor Lab Application 

NEMA 12 is commonly used indoor lab application: most of the companies use NEMA 12 enclosures for indoor applications made from a metal box. This is made to protect electrical controls inside a laboratory or any indoor dry environment which is susceptible to dripping pipes but there is not rain evidently. Most of the time, this type of NEMA 12 electrical enclosure has an average manufacturing cost because of the materials used and powder coatings applied.  

NEMA 12 Automated Factory Application 

Usual NEMA 12 electrical computer enclosure in factory uses and applications: the majority of the factories belonging to the computer & electronics industry use electric systems for automation of manufacturing processes. Our NEMA 12 enclosures prevent the ingress of dust from your electrics and PLC’S (programmable logic controllers) to ensure smooth manufacturing processes and keep delays in your operations.  

In addition to this, NEMACO provides air conditioning units to keep the electronics from heating up inside the enclosure. Please also note that most of the factories have an abundance of dust and there are many pipes existing almost everywhere, therefore NEMA 12 is the perfect solution to keep your factory running efficiently without hindrances.