NEMA 4X Definition with General Reference Applications

This enclosure is suitable for any indoor and outdoor use, gives protection to the people using the equipment because of exposure to harmful parts. NEMA 4X also provides a degree of protection from ingress of foreign objects such as dust, ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow) and it also protects the equipment from splashing water or hose-directed water. It also protects any electrical equipment from corrosion and any equipment housed in the NEMA 4X will be protected against ice formation because of extreme weather.

NEMA 4X Quality Test

With this in mind, NEMA 4X enclosures are being subjected to different quality tests to make sure that it will pass many and several corrosion tests to measure its efficiency. One of which includes long exposure of the enclosure (estimated 1200 hours) to corrosion-inducing places where there is moist air containing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Both compounds are known to hasten oxidation thus resulting corrosion to any metals exposed to it. NEMA 4X should also pass water spray tests for 800 hours – this test includes exposing the enclosure to salt spray which mimics rainwater which is also known for causing corrosion to a majority of metals.

NEMA 4X Electrical Enclosures – General Features:

Suitable for any indoor and outdoor application

Provides protection from moisture and water ingress

Provides protection for electrical equipment from incidental contact.

Intrusion and ingress of foreign objects

Built with tight-seal ingress

Nemaco Offers Several Types of NEMA 4X Electrical Enclosures:

Nemaco Wall Mount Electrical Enclosures, Boxes & Cabinets

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Removable Cover, JIC

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Hinged Cover, JIC

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Hinged Dual Cover (front & back sides), JIC

NEMA 4X Junction & Pull Box, JIC (for electrical wiring)

Nemaco Floor Mount Electrical Enclosures & Cabinets

NEMA 4X Cabinet, Single Door

NEMA 4X Cabinet, Double Doors (front doors)

NEMA 4X Cabinet, Double Doors (front & back)

Nemaco 19″ Rack Mount Electrical Enclosures & Cabinets with Wall Brackets & Floor Footing

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Hinged Cover, JIC

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Hinged Dual Cover (front & back sides), JIC

NEMA 4X Price Compared to NEMA 4

It is important to note that NEMA 4X enclosures, boxes and cabinets are generally more expensive than most of the other NEMA 4 enclosures because of the cost of materials used in manufacturing NEMA 4X. NEMACO uses stainless steel materials that have nickel and chrome for added corrosion protection. With the NEMA 4X enclosures, cabinets, and boxes, it offers better longevity of use, and corrosion protection compare to NEMA 4 enclosure (carbon steel and plastic) enclosures.

General Information about Stainless Steel NEMA 4X for Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel is the generic term used to call a number of steels used in making metals used for manufacturing different sorts of products, especially electrical enclosures. Because of the mixture of metals, this produces a raw material that provides protection from oxidation resulting to corrosion. Generally, all stainless steel is composed of a minimum percentage of 10.5% chromium. This element is widely known for prevention of corrosion – but the other elements, especially nickel and molybdenum are also added to stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance. A good advantage determines the success of any metal. The chromium component in stainless steel is proven to react best with oxygen, and this element provides a film of chromium oxide on the molecular level -usually on the surface.

Nemaco Technology offers the following types of NEMA 4X enclosures:

boxes and cabinets in (both 304 & 316), stainless steel and 5052 aluminium:

NEMA 4X Application

NEMA 4X enclosures are generally manufactured from stainless steel or plastic. These enclosures are best suited for applications where there is an exposure to harsher and extreme environments than the standard NEMA 4 electrical enclosures. The type of uses where there is an existence of corrosive materials (hazardous fluids, rainwater, etc) and caustic cleaners makes it necessary for companies to use NEMA 4X enclosures.

NEMA 4X Summary

Any application that requires exposure to worst and harsh environments calls for the use of NEMA 4X enclosures. This enclosure is available in several sizes, from small wall mounts to two-door models. Our company produces these enclosures from 304 & 316 stainless steel. In addition to this, we manufacture NEMA 4X available with continuous hinges, mounting feet and sometimes padlock hasps. For customisation needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will surely help you.