As a System Integrator, it’s critical that you know the appropriate environmental protection ratings and increased safety protection classifications before specifying and ordering your electrical enclosure for use in hazardous conditions. Peoples’ safety depends on it. Let Nema Enclosures Mfg help your with your requirements for a Class I , Div. II or ATEX/IECEx e requirement. 

It’s important to determine as a system integrator the rightful environmental protection ratings for enclosures because it will greatly increase the efficiency of the enclosures in a given application. Also, a system integrator should carefully classify the safety protection the company will require for electrical enclosures that will be used in hazardous or extreme conditions. In addition to this, the personnel’s safety relies on the enclosure. For this one, it calls for a Class I , Div. II or ATEX/IECEx e requirement. 

For additional information, NEMA 7 Nema Enclosure rating is a explosion proof enclosure. There are several manufacturing companies for this type of enclosure. Usually, a Class 1 Division 1 rate is required where there is a need for application in an environment where there is a possible exposure to hazardous gases or dust. NEMA 7 enclosures are usually manufactured using aluminum then a certain machinery process is required to make the NEMA 7 enclosure contain a possible explosion. 

Keep in mind that an electrical enclosure should protect the equipment exposed in a hazardous environment. This type of area can have the following components: flammable gases, dust, or metals. These should not come in contact with the electrical equipment inside the enclosure. If this is not prevented, there is a possible explosion of the equipment and it can jeopardise its surrounding area especially the personnel working with the equipment. With that in mind, this could lead to possible manufacturing or process downtime, unexpected added costs, and potential lawsuit from company workers. 

Here are the  basic ways to help anyone to specify which safety rated enclosure to be used for hazardous environment: 

  1. Determine the NEMA rating – a good knowledge in different Nema ratings published could help any system integrator decide on which rating he should decide on. 
  1. Determine the NEMA environmental rating – not only knowledge on Nema ratings could be helpful but also its equivalent environmental rating as well 
  1. Identify the right NEC explosion protection classification 
  1. Carefully design and identify the right customisations and modifications a company needs for electrical enclosure 

It is important to note to the potential enclosure manufacturer to be very explicit in stating a need for explosion proof enclosure. Not all manufacturers can do this type of enclosure. 

Usually, if there is no need for explosion-proof enclosure, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X would be the perfect fit. They are both intended for indoor and outdoor use and it can give a degree of protection against dust and rain ingress, splashing or hose-directed water, and possible ice formation. Both enclosures are corrosion-proof, however NEMA 4X provides a higher level of protection form corrosion than of NEMA 4.