As the technology of our world advances and continues to develop at a high speed pace, design engineers should keep up with the recent changes. With this in mind, this impose a unique struggle for them to think about. The existence of waves and signals these past years has been increasing because of the existence and amount of electronics everyone has today. 

Because of this, Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) puts a great risk to electronic devices that are being used in different companies today. Without the protection of a right enclosure, it can give potential damage to any machinery and equipment. Without the right protection, any machinery can have malfunctions and it can hinder & delay any processes. 

Design engineers should be careful in ensuring that their electronic devices does not give off signals that can harm equipment and it meets the EMI-RFI standards. There is a possibility that reducing EMI through design will not be feasible and it is smarter to choose the right enclosure to shield machineries. 

The importance of choosing the right EMI-RFI plastic enclosure. 

The material of the electrical enclosure that will be used for shielding EMI-RFI waves should be the following metals: silver, aluminum, or copper. These steels are the most recommended material for EMI-RFI shielding because of their components and element composition. Naturally, they provide a natural barrier for these waves. However, for most of companies these materials are not a cost-effective solution for several industries.  

In some cases, companies use EMI-RFI shielding spray and it considered to be more practical than using metal enclosures. This spray is also used on plastic enclosures to enhance the electromagnetic capability of some of the electronics. The shielding coatings provided by the spray reflect the harmful radiation and it can also provide great protection for your electronic products. 

However, it is important to note that metallic box is not the best solution for EMI-RFI shielding for any electronic design projects. Although aluminum is a good material for this application, this may not be a good recommendation for any projects if these will be used for temperature-sensitive applications. 

Companies that need EMI-RFI shielding. 

The least of the possible scenarios any company would want to have is to have their machineries and equipment goes into system malfunction because of interference of unnecessary radiation and signals. In addition to this, different industries has varying needs for EMI-RFI shielding but there are ones who needed it most compare to other companies. A good example would be companies that are in the medical industry because EMI-RFI shielding electrical enclosures play a crucial role in this industry. Without the features of an EMI-RFI shielding, any medical equipment can go to system downtime because the interference of these signals can greatly negatively influence the well-being of the patients.  

In the same way, the electromagnetic waves can also greatly interfere with mobile phones and some communication lines for first responders. This can have a worst and negative event in case of disaster because rescuers might fail to rescue victims.