Just last year, my beloved dad gave me an electric smoker. Being a BBQ fanatic his gift is a very wonderful thing to me. It really worked great during my BBQ parties! I was able to cook ribs, pork tenderloin, sausage-stuffed hot peppers. Including some pork brisket! And unlike going to our local restaurant, I already have plenty of leftovers to enjoy for days. Now, you can too!

The Digital Power & Motion was able to create an automated temperature controller for the charcoal fired barbecue cookers just by using one of our plastic electronics enclosures. While my propane-fueled grill has been made with a temperature gauge and heat controls, our charcoal grill does not have the same options. It really burns hot.

The iQue 110 Automatic Temperature Controller in my griller helps the user to slowly cook the food using a charcoal grill together with the controlled temperature. The device also compensates for the wind or outside temperature changes. This also change how the fuel quantity effects the cooking time for the meat. This temperature controller has a controlled precision for burning and charcoal. All of these stuff are using plastic electronics enclosure.

There are detailed information about this product. For more information and product literature, FAQs and other contact information, this can be found at http://www.pitmasteriq.com. You can also even order your very own iQue 110 Automatic Temperature Controller right from their website.

There are several applications for plastic electronic enclosure. You just have to be very flexible.