Just recently, we skipped going out of town to celebrate thanksgiving, for us to attend my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. The weather where the wedding was held was very nice. It is just a bit chilly but we were able to relax because of the heartfelt wishes for the well-loved couple.

When we returned home, we just found out my very own home town was experiencing strong snow fall. The area has been stucked to 25 to 35 degrees and because of this, the snow has continued for several days now. There’s not much sticking or piling up of snow but the very harsh chilly, cold weather has officially came. With that in mind, I guess this is the right time for Divelbiss to effectively promote their very own Harsh Environment Controller!

The product was made base d on the PLC on a Chip™ technology. The HEC-HIM controller series makes provision for the programmable intelligence to perform under the less ideal conditions because of the sealed, water-tight enclosure it was housed in. There were also the gland connectors.

Initially, the standard enclosure was now then sealed against the environment, and it is installed via screw and it was designed to be sub-plate mountable. This product’s programming was made through the Divelbiss EZ ladder programming software which gives support to the given ladder diagram together with the function of block programming.

In line with this, the product is primarily designed to be able to survive even the hardest field conditions. The HEC stands for Harsh Environment Controller. The product lived up to its name like the other programmable logic controllers that are widely available in Divelbiss Corporation. The HEC-HMI is also widely available like the HMI only or with the HMI Programmable Logic controller of the given enclosure.

The usual industrial utilization of this product includes the improved proportional vavle control that is installed using closed loop. There is also the control engine driven pumps and also compressors. There are also some mobile asset management and effective tracking. Lastly, there is intelligent mining, oil field equipment, conveyor systems as well as marine application. The indicated 8 to 32 VDC output required for the utilization and easement for the off-highway and some marine platforms.