Just a few nights ago, my friend and I went out for a really nice Italian dinner. There are several traditional dinners situated along with the restaurant’s specific specialty items. Throughout my entire life I have never seen such several choices! Then, each with each dinner comes with a side dish and a salad. If you choose a pasta as your side, you also get to choose which sauce you would like to go it with. There are also 4 amazing salads to choose from as well.

After deciding everything – meals, sides, and our salads – we instantly remembered that we haven’t ordered any wine. After realizing this, we got another set of menu just for the wine list. Not only the customer can get to choose between white, red, or blush but they will be also able to choose the type of grape the wine is made from. There are Reisling or Pinot Noir as an example. Because I was daunted by this list, I just opted to ordering beer. But to my surprise the waiter asked me if I want my beer in a bottle or draft.

Being a very indecisive person is one weakness I am continuously working on. I am slowly realizing that most people do have a choice and sometimes just by choosing is the most important decision we can make. It is important to think about the consequences later but there are times that you just have to go with it and make a decision.

When it comes to engineering drawings, this also holds true. There are several options and software programs created for viewing, creating, and manipulating engineering drawings & designs for some intricate engineering projects. There are AutoCad, Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, Inventor to name just a few available software. The drawings can be exported in a PDF format. There are customers who were asking every just to ask for the design drawings for an enclosure and you will be surprised to know the wide variety of file types they can be exported in. Most often that not, customers are almost always surprised to know that they have a choice.

However, it is not only the format they have to make a decision about. Because there is an additional option to have the designs on a 2D or 3D dimension drawings. For this, it totally depends on who looks at the drawings and where it will be used. There are applications where a 3D drawing is more beneficial than a 2D drawing because it gives more information compared to the later. With this in mind, the user have to determine the use and the information he or she needs to get from a 2D or 3D drawing.