Do You Know that Having an Improved Graphics Department Would Mean Arriving at Better Choices for Your Company?

There are companies that does not mind improving their graphics department. It is akin to a car without a gas. However, there are companies that chose to be always better when it comes to this certain department. I helped them come with a better final product because of the skill set the graphics department will bring to the company. What’s more interesting is that the details the company wants to have for their enclosure can be greatly illustrated by a well-taken cared of graphics department.

Like this example. When it comes to designing enclosures, the process cannot be as simple as just adding more ink to the printing of text on the enclosure. There are specific equipment that needs to have the assurance that a second hit is already applied on the right location on the enclosure. Just a millimeter half off and the text will already have a very shadowy effect. This actually beats the purpose and it will now have a shadowy effect or appearance.

With this in mind, companies require the extensive training of some of their design engineers and their printing technicians to make sure that the precision of printing and design is achieved whenever there is an engineering project. Throughout each and every piece of product being manufactured, the precision should always be assured. Regardless if the production runs on one piece or even thousands of units.

There are specific pieces of some of the electronics equipment that are initially required to properly invest on part of the company. The expenditure of additional equipment should be a no-brainer for the companies that produces quality enclosure. The improvement of their production equipment would mean that they will get a higher right precision and they can get consistent high results during every production of the product. They can also make sure that they can reduce variables that can account for some of the printing errors they can encounter.

For example, there is a specially designed printing lab designed to maintain different atmospheric variables such as humidity and temperature. Also including the dust saturation that can put the production of the enclosures at great risk. Also, it should be noted that in making sure that top quality is prioritized, the equipment that are being used and the processes should maintain a perfect balance.

Companies choose to make this kind of difference to their graphics department to make sure that they only deliver the best product and services to their customers. But not risking the customers’ satisfaction. These companies are confident with their prices together with the right level of precision and                   quality while offering the best prices in the market.

There are Good Projects that Comes in Small and New Packages

I had the chance to take a brief and short break from the weather this past weekend. And because of that I decided to finally do my gardening project. My initial step for this is to always break the dirt up and that were matted down after months of exposure to heavy and very cold snow. I now then took my shovel and I started kickin up the frozen patches of ground until my entire garden is alive again.

This deep, dark black color of the ground soil started telling me that it is possible that it has rich nutrients that were left behind by the previous’ years of vegetation. The most interesting spin for this is that my garden has the dimensions of 9 feet long and 4 feet wide. My shovel is only 3 feet long and I am only 5’2”. With these measurements, it gives me the best advantage. A taller shovel would only be too bothersome and it can lose my balance.

Do you remember the old phrase that goes like “Good things comes in small packages”? I believe I have already proven that idiom.

When it comes to electronics enclosure, companies are also into producing smaller handheld enclosures. There is the VK-62 from Polycase that has the dimensions of 5.74 x 1.82 x 1.31 inches. These are available in a 2AA battery compartment and it has just the perfect size for fitting the electronics equipment inside while there is enough power to supply and run the product.

Even with the small enclosure that only has only 2 AA sized batteries, the battery compartment can also add to the enclosures’ handheld compact nature – by making sure that the slender profile should be maintained especially for in-hand applications.

In order to add the style for the use of the product, there are electronics enclosure is widely available in bright white or standard black using an ABS plastic material. There are handheld electronics enclosure that can be customized or modified with certain cutouts for switches and the connectors of all kinds.

Do you still need your company’s instruction, button, or labels to be applied on the enclosure? It will not be a problem. The company’s printing laboratories can print nearly on any text or graphics that has to be on the surface of the enclosure. And it is now being printed using the permanent and wear resistant ink.

How to Determine and Pinpoint the Exact Dimensions for Plastic Electronics Enclosures?

We recently just moved and re-arranged the furniture in our living room. My dog’s own crate has always been placed in the corner of our living room. Along wit some of our new furniture, there was no longer a room available for my dog’s crate. So we have to identify or look for another space for the crate. Since my dog is a medium sized Labrador, the crate is super huge.

To be able to move this into a new space or location, we have to run our creativity. We have to find a space spacious enough to fit the crate so that it can crate up and be installed on the wall. This in return, reminded me of the video game, Tetries.

I was being reminded of this fact while I was talking with a customer just the other day. The customers often call to our company because they want to ask for help in selecting the right enclosure. This person was particularly looking for a “a CD ROM sized enclosure”. When I told the customer that I would be more than happy to find something similar to that size range, the customer told me that it is just what he exactly needs as per dimension wise.

The customer then was really hoping to produce a product that would be able to slide into the same area like the optional CD ROM available in the computer. In order to fit that exact space, the customer need the right dimensions. This is too large and it would not eventually fit, and too small that it will not hold very stable.

As we have recently discovered, this problem presents several difficulties on a very few levels. While the majority of the manufacturing companies will shape the enclosures with several type of ranges to be able to offer the best choice available to the customers. However, it is nearly impossible to be able to find the exact match for the dimensions within a different product line.

There are companies that offers wide range of sizes and different styles of electronic enclosures. Several of their enclosures are mostly rectangular in shape, but majority of them have the same ratio of length that ranges form width to height. We just recently found out that the most used size range is 2 x 3 inches, and in line with this there are several options that exists within the 1/2” range. While each of them consist of a very deffierent depth.

This is to be able to give you the best and with the most options possible to help in finding out the most perfect enclosure for the companies’ needs.

How to Stack the PCB in Some of the Plastic Electronic Enclosures?

Do you know where the cabinet in your kitchen place where the food containers are usually kept? You need to have these spaces for the food leftovers but with all the different sizes, depths, colors and it can lead to the chaotic space in the kitchen. And the kitchen space has all the covers for these spaces. What you should do with them?

With this in mind, I have finally discussed about my own kitchen and I have finally cleaned up my kitchen area. I have found out that if I will be able to stack all of the plastic enclosures together – together with the slide covers being neatly placed next to the bowls – then, it will be no longer a chaotic mess. Now, I can finally breath when I once open the door.

I finally got the idea on how to stack these different containers from a recent customer email sent to an enclosure company. The customer has liked the size of one of their enclosure, but the engineering project he has been working on required 2 PCBs. These 2 boards were being utilized to control different engineering operations. The final question is: will he be able to stack the 2 boards within the DC-45 without causing any issues?

The company told the customer that this will not present any pressing issues. Providing that he is currently using spacers between these two boards that can allow the air between the boards. There would be plenty of room to stack the boards of them. The spacers would function as the support to be able to mount the PCBs together.

Because this enclosure that the customer requests set only one mounting bosses on the base, and none in the cover. The customers have to use an additional method to secure the second board. There should not be any bosses for the top of the board that can be mounted to.

In using the spacers, the project engineer would not need the bosses available for the second board. The spacers will also allow for air movement around the boards in order to prevent the overheating of the two PCB boards.

An additional way for this to happen is to have a machine countersunk in the holes in the cover and be able to use the separate stand-offs to properly secure the board. This specific method is a similar way that we can use to move the location of the position of the mounting bosses for the customers.

What Should be the Characters of the Ink that will be Used to Print on Plastic Electronics Enclosure?

Just recently, my boyfriend and I just spent a very long weekend to attend a out-of-town wedding. The family of my friend and our friends came over from all over the country just to attend her wedding. There were even English guests all the way from United Kingdom. This is the true testament that the wonderful couple are now finally getting married. People have spent time, money, and the effort just to be there for the celebration.

Before the wedding which was scheduled on a Sunday, there was a mandatory practice the Friday before for the wedding rehearsal. The amazing ceremony will be held at a riverbank park with the reasonable outdoor space reception just for the family. Sunday is a casual celebration and when Monday comes, this is going to be the celebration for the people who was not able to come to the wedding last Sunday. There were handmade decorations and pretty favors, the family style dining was good. There was good bear and the eclectic mix of music. Some guests might question the rustic appearance but our entire weekend was perfectly amazing especially for the happy couple.

With this in mind, knowing the characteristics are very helpful. Not only when working with other personalities from other people, but also this is very vital when dealing with certain chemical properties. Such as ink used for printing on enclosures. This is the type of ink used to print on pad for electronic enclosures. The characteristics does not only exhibit what the product is, but also what the material can be resisted.  

There are numerous characteristics that are necessary to have the permanent ink to be just like that: permanent. For example, if the customer wants the ink to be totally unaffected even if the enclosure is stacked on top of each other. Now, the stacked enclosures will not be damaged even if it is shipped because the right ink is used for the printing of the enclosure.

Or you can just imagine that there was a customer that wants to place something on top of the enclosure, if the ink was used was not the right one, there is a possibility that the graphics will be damaged. The abrasion resistance only means that the ink will not we wear in a way that it is completely gone by means of friction.

Over the course of several years with this type of experience, there are blog posts that are going to be explored using the different types of ink resistance that will be offered. Just feel free to comment about the characteristics or types of resistance you are looking for with your ink.

Which One to Choose? 2D vs. 3D Drawings

Just a few nights ago, my friend and I went out for a really nice Italian dinner. There are several traditional dinners situated along with the restaurant’s specific specialty items. Throughout my entire life I have never seen such several choices! Then, each with each dinner comes with a side dish and a salad. If you choose a pasta as your side, you also get to choose which sauce you would like to go it with. There are also 4 amazing salads to choose from as well.

After deciding everything – meals, sides, and our salads – we instantly remembered that we haven’t ordered any wine. After realizing this, we got another set of menu just for the wine list. Not only the customer can get to choose between white, red, or blush but they will be also able to choose the type of grape the wine is made from. There are Reisling or Pinot Noir as an example. Because I was daunted by this list, I just opted to ordering beer. But to my surprise the waiter asked me if I want my beer in a bottle or draft.

Being a very indecisive person is one weakness I am continuously working on. I am slowly realizing that most people do have a choice and sometimes just by choosing is the most important decision we can make. It is important to think about the consequences later but there are times that you just have to go with it and make a decision.

When it comes to engineering drawings, this also holds true. There are several options and software programs created for viewing, creating, and manipulating engineering drawings & designs for some intricate engineering projects. There are AutoCad, Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, Inventor to name just a few available software. The drawings can be exported in a PDF format. There are customers who were asking every just to ask for the design drawings for an enclosure and you will be surprised to know the wide variety of file types they can be exported in. Most often that not, customers are almost always surprised to know that they have a choice.

However, it is not only the format they have to make a decision about. Because there is an additional option to have the designs on a 2D or 3D dimension drawings. For this, it totally depends on who looks at the drawings and where it will be used. There are applications where a 3D drawing is more beneficial than a 2D drawing because it gives more information compared to the later. With this in mind, the user have to determine the use and the information he or she needs to get from a 2D or 3D drawing.

What is Electronic Wart Remover? The Amazing Product Highlight!

Fall for me is one of the seasons I will be hampering down but for this year, I decided to go on the opposite direction. For this year, I have a noticed an urgent need to clean out my stuff: dressers, kitchen cupboards, the negative vibes and also my dad’s very own basement. There are some things that I have been putting out-of-sight until spring happened. Then, I decided to do a massive garage sale of the things I don’t need anymore. For other stuff, I just need to get rid of them. It is all about cleaning the unwanted items in my home.

This article is all about product spotlight that will follow the same line of train of thought. There is only one unwanted object that we will discuss in this article: a wart.

With this in mind, the wartabater is a battery powered electronic device that can totally eliminate warts. The unit is then applied on the wart to remove it for 3 minutes. The wart will be permanently gone and the normal skin will begin to resurface and replace the dead wart tissue. There will be no scarring on your face. It can work on all types of warts, including the stubborn and difficult to remove type of wart: the plantar warts.

If you are tired for the endless hassle of using the pads and some of the liquids that may seem to not work, this is the most important product that you can have and it can guarantee you a successful wart removal! It is not painful and it will not scar your face from using liquid nitrogen.

To know more about this product, visit and there are tons of testimonials of the people who have a good feedback on using this product!

NEMA 1 are Not Just for Rating Plastic Electronics Enclosures: Mystery Debunked

Last morning, on a 33 degree morning air I still decided to walk my dog. With this weather, I might need to wear a 2 pairs of pants, a hoodie with a long sleeve t shirt, a fleece ear warmer, and a pair of nice gloves. But I still have to consciously think about neglecting the temperature and how cold I am. I shifted my attention and I started thinking about the wide variety of topics I could blog and talk about.

While I was totally lost in my thoughts, to my surprise my puppy just started digging through my neighbor’s garbage bag and my dog found remains of their last night’s chicken dinner. So the struggle of telling my dog to drop everything has caused me trouble. I know my dog, he won’t just budge and he will not sacrifice the chicken bone he just started chewing on.

Now, with this in mind, we all know that the chicken bone is totally detrimental and dangerous for a dog. The splinters can come from the bone and it can potentially scrape my dog’s poor insides and it is no good. As a very reasonable owner of this pet, I have to give protection by restricting his access to this kind of scenarios. In just a short while, I realized that it kind of makes me a NEMA 1 protection for my dog. Except that I am not an enclosure, I am a human.

The NEMA 1 rating was defined as an electronics enclosure that is originally designed for the indoor use and it gives a degree of level of protection against the ingress of solid objects or potential contaminants (like the falling dirt.) The limited protection it provides also include the restriction of personnel for having access to harmful components.

There are different styles and some materials that are widely available for these kinds of enclosures. The metal, polycarbonate, and ABS has one thing in common: these materials can protect the electronics placed inside the enclosure from all the harm and debri. While it protects the user from the electronic.

Some companies also offers a full product line of NEMA 1 rated enclosure. As a matter of fact, the entire off-the-shelf product line can give protection to the equipment form the debris ingress and it also restricts the access of the personnel using the enclosure by giving protection to the electronics housed inside the enclosure.

Before adding vents, knockouts, and holes on the enclosure that can bring a potential effect on the rating, make sure that the applications are carefully considered when planning for the project. Once the specific rating is very important to the end use, conduct an independent testing of the final design of the product.

Let us Talk About Safety Gear for Touring Bikes

For over a year ago, my friend’s father was involved in a motorcycle accident. This is because a truck suddenly cut him off making him swerving around. And for him to avoid the crash, he ended up hitting to a telephone pole. But he was not saved from the injury though. Multiple surgeries are needed to be done and there were months of rehabilitation that left him with limited use of his right leg. But because he was really a true biker at hear, he still wants to ride the motorcycle. When I saw another product for bikes, I immediately send the link to my friend to her to show her dad.

I saw a Leg Up system that was originally designed for the exact purpose. The riders who have limited and decreased use of their legs, regardless of the reason, can still ride the bike perfectly. Without having to worry about their legs or even just the idea of putting their legs down in time.

This product uses an on-board or installed computer to automatically lower and retract a set of small concealed, hidden wheels. Regardless of the user’s position, the wheels became barley detectable and they just blended into the rest of the bike’s lines. With this, the marring of the design was eliminated. The on-board computer can be housed inside an electronics enclosure!

Once the rider starts to decelerate his bike to come for a stop, the rider can use and press the button that can lower the wheels. While at a stop, the bike can only be tilted in a certain degree because there will be only small amount of adjustment along the way. This enables the rider to efficiently use the product without having to fall over form the bike. Even if the rider cannot put his legs down to the ground just in time to stop the motorcycle.

This automatic system can also contribute in keeping the bike level in just slow turns. As an additional safety feature, the system could only allow the wheels to be lowered compared when the bike is slowly traveling at 10 mph. With this in mind, the onboard computer even senses speed and wheel position upon the onset of acceleration. Even if the operator does not retract the wheels, LegUp will be automatically raise them.

With this in mind, reading the customers’ feedback regarding the product is wonderful to read. Learning that all the different fields where the electronics enclosures should have been used.

Product Spotlight – Electronic Fuel Stick

Have you ever wondered which type of products that the other customers are producing when they are using electronics enclosure – despite of the size? In this article, you will find out. Welcome to another article about product highlights!

To start my story, my sister recently moved to Daytona beach just a few years ago. As a long-time race fan, my sister and her friends wanted to be closer to the action taking place. The best place to watch racing is in Daytona beach. Not only that the largest fan community of racing is placed there, it is also a beach! Which is very wonderful! When she still lives in Cleveland, she would like to visit the racetracks just each weekend. Her boyfriend would even participate in the races because she really likes it! With our product highlight, I remember that this product reminds me of her.

The company safety first has successfully created an electronic fuel stick made for sprint car racers. This specific device was able to determine and tell the Crew Chief how much fuel is now left in the tank. The additional feature of tis product is it also determines how much fuel was use during the last run on the track. The safety device now enables the drivers to determine how much fuel they needed to restock so that they would not run out of fuel during the race.

This is where our product comes in, the Fuel Stick can also be a very good indicator of any engine problems. Even if the fuel line leaks, or if there are other functional issues. By just carefully determining the amount of fuel an average track should be able to use, the Crew Chief of the race should be able to tell whether the specific run already took an unusual amount of the fuel. The team would be needing to investigate to effectively determine what is the exact problem, but the Xtreme Fuel Stick would let them determine about it just before it poses a much larger problem. So if you have a project that uses other companies’ enclosure, feel free to send them your product. You wouldn’t know the possibilities and opportunities this might bring you. Your product might be even featured in their next blog!