What is an HEC-HMI Controller?

Just recently, we skipped going out of town to celebrate thanksgiving, for us to attend my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. The weather where the wedding was held was very nice. It is just a bit chilly but we were able to relax because of the heartfelt wishes for the well-loved couple.

When we returned home, we just found out my very own home town was experiencing strong snow fall. The area has been stucked to 25 to 35 degrees and because of this, the snow has continued for several days now. There’s not much sticking or piling up of snow but the very harsh chilly, cold weather has officially came. With that in mind, I guess this is the right time for Divelbiss to effectively promote their very own Harsh Environment Controller!

The product was made base d on the PLC on a Chip™ technology. The HEC-HIM controller series makes provision for the programmable intelligence to perform under the less ideal conditions because of the sealed, water-tight enclosure it was housed in. There were also the gland connectors.

Initially, the standard enclosure was now then sealed against the environment, and it is installed via screw and it was designed to be sub-plate mountable. This product’s programming was made through the Divelbiss EZ ladder programming software which gives support to the given ladder diagram together with the function of block programming.

In line with this, the product is primarily designed to be able to survive even the hardest field conditions. The HEC stands for Harsh Environment Controller. The product lived up to its name like the other programmable logic controllers that are widely available in Divelbiss Corporation. The HEC-HMI is also widely available like the HMI only or with the HMI Programmable Logic controller of the given enclosure.

The usual industrial utilization of this product includes the improved proportional vavle control that is installed using closed loop. There is also the control engine driven pumps and also compressors. There are also some mobile asset management and effective tracking. Lastly, there is intelligent mining, oil field equipment, conveyor systems as well as marine application. The indicated 8 to 32 VDC output required for the utilization and easement for the off-highway and some marine platforms.


Managing Harsh Elements from Extreme Environments by Utilizing the Proper NEMA Cabinet

If you ever think that you are the toughest man, well think again! If you utilize server racks, they might be even tougher. However, not in the best way. A harshful environment can potentially bring severe damage in your server racks and other technological equipment if they are not being protected efficiently and properly. Extreme environments could potentially include some areas that has falling dirt, outdoor areas, dusty areas, as well as unfinished construction of warehouses.

In able to properly withstand these unideal environemtns to give efficient protection for your equipment, you probably need a NEMA rated server rack cabinet. These NEMA cabinets are initially designed to prvent dust, airborne particles, as well as dirt and other possible contaminants from totally damaging your valuable equipment. With this in mind, consider utilization of the following NEMA rated enclosures for harsh environments for each.

NEMA 12 Electronics Enclosure for Protection from Dust and Airborne Contaminants

These enclosure cabinets are originally made from steel and they are the most commonly used enclosure in environments like production facilities, factory floors, manufacturing fields, unfinished construction of warehouses, and many more. You can use NEMA 12 electronics enclosure in places where there are more dust particles floating around the air more than usual. These server cabinets have a gasketing system on all of its sides and doors and it leaves no room for contaminants to get inside of the enclosure. The normal cabinets also have existing vent patterns around the doors and its sides. While the NEMA 12 enclosures does not have these.

NEMA 3R Electronics Enclosure for Protection from Harmful Elements found in Outdoor Environments

These electronics enclosure can be utilized in both indoors and outdoors, but they are most commonly used for outdoor applications. The NEMA 3R cabinets can give protection for your equipment from solid object ingress brought by dust, dirt, and other particles floating in the air. NEMA 3R is similar to NEMA 12 in most of ways but NEMA 3R was also designed to give protection from other harmful environmental elements such as rain, ice, snow, and sleet.

These enclosure cabinets are primarily built using aluminum and they are mostly used for telecome applications. These applications involve the utilization of Wi-Fi, wireless/broadhband sites, fiber optics, and some trailer applications. The installati of fans or aircondiitoning units are beneficial for this type of enclosure. Especially if your equipment creates a certain amount of heat. The heaters are also widely available when the cabinet is going to be utilized in a very cold environment. The cold temperature can exceed the cold threshold which in return will be very damaging to the equipment as equivalent to too much heat exposure. The NEMA 3R enclosure can be wall mounted, pole-mounted or even pad-mounted (or freestanding.)

NEMA 4 or 4X for Protection from Possible Corrosion Formation or Hose Directed Water

The NEMA 4 and 4X are very in a large variety of ways. Both of these enclosures effectively address the major concerns of a NEMA 12 enclosure as well as the 3R enclosure. These enclosures can also give protection for your equipment against hose directed water. The NEMA 4X can also give you a specific protection from possible corrosion because it is entirely made from stainless steel. The NEMA 4 and 4X are going to be utilized for the same applications where the NEMA 3R is also used. NEMA 4 and 4X are very popular when they are used for traffic enclosures.


How does Electronic Key Ring Devices Works?

Just last week, there was something that really started bothering me: I beat my boyfriend at chess. I cannot believe it. The first words after my victory was “did I really won? Or you just let me win?” Basically, we have been continuously playing a lot of games recently and I was not given the chance to in in 8 months we are doing it. I lost every game, until this one!

After chess, we have decided to change the game we are playing – Trivial Pursuit. However, he has mopped the game board with me but it is totally okay. I have to forgive him because I won at chess anyway. But I got a realization. All the months I have been losing to him, he thought me of different strategies on how I can win the game. He taught me the rules and the pitfalls, he was totally pointing out what are the better move choices. This has guided me into doing the right strategy. I started thinking since I love learning, it has enabled me to win at chess!

With this in mind, let us start looking at how some technology efficiently works.

One sample product we can take a look at is the keyfob small electronics enclosure. You can see these type of enclosures almost everywhere. They are used as car keys, calculators, small televisions and so much more. There is a rubber keypad installed on it with a paring conductive contact on its back. Once the button is successfully pressed, the conductive contact successfully meets the board. It now started to send an electronics signal that completes the whole process of completing a specific task that was successfully assigned to the circuit.

To further illustrate this example – let us use a calculator. When you press a button labeled as #1, the screen sows a 1. When you add the plus sign after to it then when you press the 3 and the equals button, it will give you a number 4.

This also works as the same way a keyless entry remote works. When you press the button that was labeled unlocked, it manages to activate the circuit installed on the board. It now starte to send a wireless signal going to the system’s receiver. It was located in the vehicle, and now it prompts the electric locks to be opened. This was a keyless entry.


How to Reduce the Sound Produced in Your Data Space through Sound Proof Server Cabinet?

Most of the time, students have been continually complaining about the loud sound the equipment in their school produces while they were taking tests or having a class lecture. There is one best solution to this problem: sound proof cabinets. Not only it can address the loud sound in schools, but it can also serve the loud sound in other environments. It can reduce the noise up to 26 dBa, which is most likely to reducing a loud noise to a whisper.

The electronics enclosure was proven to create a very huge difference to those that has been very affected by very loud environment. Together with several different size options that is widely available (9u to 44u). There are also several different styles for the cabinets such as wall mounts as well as standing server cabinets. But companies can be assured that there is an existing sound proof cabinet for every application.

Sound reduction is not the only priority. A common concern when considering enclosed server rack cabinets like the Sound Proof is heat. In an enclosed space it can be very easy for equipment to become overheated, which can lead to all sorts of detrimental equipment failures. But, Sound Proofs have it covered.

In addition to the decreasing of disturbing sound, the sound cabinets can also release up to 12kW worth of heat. What is the most interesting characteristic about these cabinets is that the topmost part of the wardrobe allows the cooler air to come in through the wardrobe doors. With this in mind, the hot air is now being pushed out from the topmost part of the rear wardrobe doors installed on the cabinet. The doors makes allowance for the cool air to properly circulate in the rack area and this system can make the cabinet at good acceptable temperature.

Sound Proof Cabinets may sound to good to be true, but the features that the sound proof cabinets have been offering are very safe and very secure. The manufacturers of these cabinets clearly knows that keeping the equipment is very important as well as protecting your equipment is vitally crucial.

This is the very reason why companies have the option to be able to effectively upgrade your server cabinets that comes together with wide options of security options – from having security cameras to having electronic locking systems. When it finally comes to proper cable management, we don’t have to worry about having the cables confusingly intertwined to each other.

The sound proof cabinets were designed to have 6 cable points of entry on each side: 3 on topmost and 3 on the bottom part. This design should not compromise the sound of reduction being produced. The data center cabinets also came with rack casters accessories to make the cabinets more mobile in case companies wants them to move around.


5 Effective Tips to Achieve Data Center’s Efficiency in Electricity

Along with airflow and cooling, using the right tools to monitor your power usage can also be very effective. The following are 10 improvements you can make in your data center in order to improve your energy efficiencies and ultimately save money.

1) Contain your aisles with doors and rack top baffles

As mentioned earlier, aisle containment helps to keep hot air in one section of the data center and cold air in another. This allows for a more natural flow of air in your space, which naturally creates lower energy usage. Upsite’s AisleLok Aisle Containment systems are extremely easy to install and get the job done! You can learn more about this innovative technology from Upsite, here.

2) Utilize proper cable management to increase airflownp-2-sp

Believe it or not, the ways your cables are configured make a big difference in airflow. If your cables are all tangled, they could be blocking air from going in and out of your racks. We sell hundreds of cable management tools that can make your cables organized and improve your airflow all at the same time. You can also read more about some of our cable management tips here.

3) Decommission unused servers

You may have servers in your data center that are using energy but are not actually doing anything. In that case, decommission these devices. If they do not serve a purpose in your data center, then they do not need to be using valuable power resources.

4) Replace inefficient PDUs and Servers with energy star rated equivalents

Energy Star Rated equipment meets the guidelines of energy efficiency mandated by the federal government. PDUs and servers that are not Energy Star Rated could potentially be using too much energy in an inefficient way, which drives up your costs. Swap out old, inefficient equipment with updated, Energy Star Rated equipment.

5) Use high efficiency UPS Systemsenterpriseplus-rack-front-1

UPS systems help to protect your equipment from surges and spikes in power as well as prevent downtime. Even though using these devices means that you’ll have more equipment using power in your data center, UPS systems use power efficiently and give you insight into how your other equipment is using power. For more information on how to shop for a UPS, read our guide.

There are Good Projects that Comes in Small and New Packages

I had the chance to take a brief and short break from the weather this past weekend. And because of that I decided to finally do my gardening project. My initial step for this is to always break the dirt up and that were matted down after months of exposure to heavy and very cold snow. I now then took my shovel and I started kickin up the frozen patches of ground until my entire garden is alive again.

This deep, dark black color of the ground soil started telling me that it is possible that it has rich nutrients that were left behind by the previous’ years of vegetation. The most interesting spin for this is that my garden has the dimensions of 9 feet long and 4 feet wide. My shovel is only 3 feet long and I am only 5’2”. With these measurements, it gives me the best advantage. A taller shovel would only be too bothersome and it can lose my balance.

Do you remember the old phrase that goes like “Good things comes in small packages”? I believe I have already proven that idiom.

When it comes to electronics enclosure, companies are also into producing smaller handheld enclosures. There is the VK-62 from Polycase that has the dimensions of 5.74 x 1.82 x 1.31 inches. These are available in a 2AA battery compartment and it has just the perfect size for fitting the electronics equipment inside while there is enough power to supply and run the product.

Even with the small enclosure that only has only 2 AA sized batteries, the battery compartment can also add to the enclosures’ handheld compact nature – by making sure that the slender profile should be maintained especially for in-hand applications.

In order to add the style for the use of the product, there are electronics enclosure is widely available in bright white or standard black using an ABS plastic material. There are handheld electronics enclosure that can be customized or modified with certain cutouts for switches and the connectors of all kinds.

Do you still need your company’s instruction, button, or labels to be applied on the enclosure? It will not be a problem. The company’s printing laboratories can print nearly on any text or graphics that has to be on the surface of the enclosure. And it is now being printed using the permanent and wear resistant ink.

How to Determine and Pinpoint the Exact Dimensions for Plastic Electronics Enclosures?

We recently just moved and re-arranged the furniture in our living room. My dog’s own crate has always been placed in the corner of our living room. Along wit some of our new furniture, there was no longer a room available for my dog’s crate. So we have to identify or look for another space for the crate. Since my dog is a medium sized Labrador, the crate is super huge.

To be able to move this into a new space or location, we have to run our creativity. We have to find a space spacious enough to fit the crate so that it can crate up and be installed on the wall. This in return, reminded me of the video game, Tetries.

I was being reminded of this fact while I was talking with a customer just the other day. The customers often call to our company because they want to ask for help in selecting the right enclosure. This person was particularly looking for a “a CD ROM sized enclosure”. When I told the customer that I would be more than happy to find something similar to that size range, the customer told me that it is just what he exactly needs as per dimension wise.

The customer then was really hoping to produce a product that would be able to slide into the same area like the optional CD ROM available in the computer. In order to fit that exact space, the customer need the right dimensions. This is too large and it would not eventually fit, and too small that it will not hold very stable.

As we have recently discovered, this problem presents several difficulties on a very few levels. While the majority of the manufacturing companies will shape the enclosures with several type of ranges to be able to offer the best choice available to the customers. However, it is nearly impossible to be able to find the exact match for the dimensions within a different product line.

There are companies that offers wide range of sizes and different styles of electronic enclosures. Several of their enclosures are mostly rectangular in shape, but majority of them have the same ratio of length that ranges form width to height. We just recently found out that the most used size range is 2 x 3 inches, and in line with this there are several options that exists within the 1/2” range. While each of them consist of a very deffierent depth.

This is to be able to give you the best and with the most options possible to help in finding out the most perfect enclosure for the companies’ needs.

How to Stack the PCB in Some of the Plastic Electronic Enclosures?

Do you know where the cabinet in your kitchen place where the food containers are usually kept? You need to have these spaces for the food leftovers but with all the different sizes, depths, colors and it can lead to the chaotic space in the kitchen. And the kitchen space has all the covers for these spaces. What you should do with them?

With this in mind, I have finally discussed about my own kitchen and I have finally cleaned up my kitchen area. I have found out that if I will be able to stack all of the plastic enclosures together – together with the slide covers being neatly placed next to the bowls – then, it will be no longer a chaotic mess. Now, I can finally breath when I once open the door.

I finally got the idea on how to stack these different containers from a recent customer email sent to an enclosure company. The customer has liked the size of one of their enclosure, but the engineering project he has been working on required 2 PCBs. These 2 boards were being utilized to control different engineering operations. The final question is: will he be able to stack the 2 boards within the DC-45 without causing any issues?

The company told the customer that this will not present any pressing issues. Providing that he is currently using spacers between these two boards that can allow the air between the boards. There would be plenty of room to stack the boards of them. The spacers would function as the support to be able to mount the PCBs together.

Because this enclosure that the customer requests set only one mounting bosses on the base, and none in the cover. The customers have to use an additional method to secure the second board. There should not be any bosses for the top of the board that can be mounted to.

In using the spacers, the project engineer would not need the bosses available for the second board. The spacers will also allow for air movement around the boards in order to prevent the overheating of the two PCB boards.

An additional way for this to happen is to have a machine countersunk in the holes in the cover and be able to use the separate stand-offs to properly secure the board. This specific method is a similar way that we can use to move the location of the position of the mounting bosses for the customers.

What Should be the Characters of the Ink that will be Used to Print on Plastic Electronics Enclosure?

Just recently, my boyfriend and I just spent a very long weekend to attend a out-of-town wedding. The family of my friend and our friends came over from all over the country just to attend her wedding. There were even English guests all the way from United Kingdom. This is the true testament that the wonderful couple are now finally getting married. People have spent time, money, and the effort just to be there for the celebration.

Before the wedding which was scheduled on a Sunday, there was a mandatory practice the Friday before for the wedding rehearsal. The amazing ceremony will be held at a riverbank park with the reasonable outdoor space reception just for the family. Sunday is a casual celebration and when Monday comes, this is going to be the celebration for the people who was not able to come to the wedding last Sunday. There were handmade decorations and pretty favors, the family style dining was good. There was good bear and the eclectic mix of music. Some guests might question the rustic appearance but our entire weekend was perfectly amazing especially for the happy couple.

With this in mind, knowing the characteristics are very helpful. Not only when working with other personalities from other people, but also this is very vital when dealing with certain chemical properties. Such as ink used for printing on enclosures. This is the type of ink used to print on pad for electronic enclosures. The characteristics does not only exhibit what the product is, but also what the material can be resisted.  

There are numerous characteristics that are necessary to have the permanent ink to be just like that: permanent. For example, if the customer wants the ink to be totally unaffected even if the enclosure is stacked on top of each other. Now, the stacked enclosures will not be damaged even if it is shipped because the right ink is used for the printing of the enclosure.

Or you can just imagine that there was a customer that wants to place something on top of the enclosure, if the ink was used was not the right one, there is a possibility that the graphics will be damaged. The abrasion resistance only means that the ink will not we wear in a way that it is completely gone by means of friction.

Over the course of several years with this type of experience, there are blog posts that are going to be explored using the different types of ink resistance that will be offered. Just feel free to comment about the characteristics or types of resistance you are looking for with your ink.

Which One to Choose? 2D vs. 3D Drawings

Just a few nights ago, my friend and I went out for a really nice Italian dinner. There are several traditional dinners situated along with the restaurant’s specific specialty items. Throughout my entire life I have never seen such several choices! Then, each with each dinner comes with a side dish and a salad. If you choose a pasta as your side, you also get to choose which sauce you would like to go it with. There are also 4 amazing salads to choose from as well.

After deciding everything – meals, sides, and our salads – we instantly remembered that we haven’t ordered any wine. After realizing this, we got another set of menu just for the wine list. Not only the customer can get to choose between white, red, or blush but they will be also able to choose the type of grape the wine is made from. There are Reisling or Pinot Noir as an example. Because I was daunted by this list, I just opted to ordering beer. But to my surprise the waiter asked me if I want my beer in a bottle or draft.

Being a very indecisive person is one weakness I am continuously working on. I am slowly realizing that most people do have a choice and sometimes just by choosing is the most important decision we can make. It is important to think about the consequences later but there are times that you just have to go with it and make a decision.

When it comes to engineering drawings, this also holds true. There are several options and software programs created for viewing, creating, and manipulating engineering drawings & designs for some intricate engineering projects. There are AutoCad, Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, Inventor to name just a few available software. The drawings can be exported in a PDF format. There are customers who were asking every just to ask for the design drawings for an enclosure and you will be surprised to know the wide variety of file types they can be exported in. Most often that not, customers are almost always surprised to know that they have a choice.

However, it is not only the format they have to make a decision about. Because there is an additional option to have the designs on a 2D or 3D dimension drawings. For this, it totally depends on who looks at the drawings and where it will be used. There are applications where a 3D drawing is more beneficial than a 2D drawing because it gives more information compared to the later. With this in mind, the user have to determine the use and the information he or she needs to get from a 2D or 3D drawing.