How to Reduce the Sound Produced in Your Data Space through Sound Proof Server Cabinet?

Most of the time, students have been continually complaining about the loud sound the equipment in their school produces while they were taking tests or having a class lecture. There is one best solution to this problem: sound proof cabinets. Not only it can address the loud sound in schools, but it can also serve the loud sound in other environments. It can reduce the noise up to 26 dBa, which is most likely to reducing a loud noise to a whisper.

The electronics enclosure was proven to create a very huge difference to those that has been very affected by very loud environment. Together with several different size options that is widely available (9u to 44u). There are also several different styles for the cabinets such as wall mounts as well as standing server cabinets. But companies can be assured that there is an existing sound proof cabinet for every application.

Sound reduction is not the only priority. A common concern when considering enclosed server rack cabinets like the Sound Proof is heat. In an enclosed space it can be very easy for equipment to become overheated, which can lead to all sorts of detrimental equipment failures. But, Sound Proofs have it covered.

In addition to the decreasing of disturbing sound, the sound cabinets can also release up to 12kW worth of heat. What is the most interesting characteristic about these cabinets is that the topmost part of the wardrobe allows the cooler air to come in through the wardrobe doors. With this in mind, the hot air is now being pushed out from the topmost part of the rear wardrobe doors installed on the cabinet. The doors makes allowance for the cool air to properly circulate in the rack area and this system can make the cabinet at good acceptable temperature.

Sound Proof Cabinets may sound to good to be true, but the features that the sound proof cabinets have been offering are very safe and very secure. The manufacturers of these cabinets clearly knows that keeping the equipment is very important as well as protecting your equipment is vitally crucial.

This is the very reason why companies have the option to be able to effectively upgrade your server cabinets that comes together with wide options of security options – from having security cameras to having electronic locking systems. When it finally comes to proper cable management, we don’t have to worry about having the cables confusingly intertwined to each other.

The sound proof cabinets were designed to have 6 cable points of entry on each side: 3 on topmost and 3 on the bottom part. This design should not compromise the sound of reduction being produced. The data center cabinets also came with rack casters accessories to make the cabinets more mobile in case companies wants them to move around.


5 Effective Tips to Achieve Data Center’s Efficiency in Electricity

Along with airflow and cooling, using the right tools to monitor your power usage can also be very effective. The following are 10 improvements you can make in your data center in order to improve your energy efficiencies and ultimately save money.

1) Contain your aisles with doors and rack top baffles

As mentioned earlier, aisle containment helps to keep hot air in one section of the data center and cold air in another. This allows for a more natural flow of air in your space, which naturally creates lower energy usage. Upsite’s AisleLok Aisle Containment systems are extremely easy to install and get the job done! You can learn more about this innovative technology from Upsite, here.

2) Utilize proper cable management to increase airflownp-2-sp

Believe it or not, the ways your cables are configured make a big difference in airflow. If your cables are all tangled, they could be blocking air from going in and out of your racks. We sell hundreds of cable management tools that can make your cables organized and improve your airflow all at the same time. You can also read more about some of our cable management tips here.

3) Decommission unused servers

You may have servers in your data center that are using energy but are not actually doing anything. In that case, decommission these devices. If they do not serve a purpose in your data center, then they do not need to be using valuable power resources.

4) Replace inefficient PDUs and Servers with energy star rated equivalents

Energy Star Rated equipment meets the guidelines of energy efficiency mandated by the federal government. PDUs and servers that are not Energy Star Rated could potentially be using too much energy in an inefficient way, which drives up your costs. Swap out old, inefficient equipment with updated, Energy Star Rated equipment.

5) Use high efficiency UPS Systemsenterpriseplus-rack-front-1

UPS systems help to protect your equipment from surges and spikes in power as well as prevent downtime. Even though using these devices means that you’ll have more equipment using power in your data center, UPS systems use power efficiently and give you insight into how your other equipment is using power. For more information on how to shop for a UPS, read our guide.