Stainless steel is one of the world’s most popular steel because it is commonly used in several industries such as construction, industrial, and engineering companies. Stainless steel has a very good durability and versatility of a steel material that makes it very useful in just almost everything. It can be used in private homes to commercial businesses to manufacturing processes. In almost everywhere, you can see stainless steel being utilized in their processes.

Because of these very amazing properties, aside from being it a very popular material around the world, it is also one of the most commonly used materials for making an electronics enclosure. Stainless steel can bring many great benefit to an electrical box, such as follows:

Stainless steel electronics enclosure has the capability to effectively resist sever and harmful, extreme weather conditions.

Stainless steel can be a very good material for security and limiting unauthorized access.

Stainless steel has high resistance to corrosion and makes a wonderful enclosure that can be used for marine offshore applications and food manufacturing plants.

It can give protection against solid ingress that can occur from airborne dust and debri.s

As a user, you might also be wondering what gives these types of materials these amazing characteristics. Also, what makes it different from other common types of steel such as carbon steel? In this article we will also dive into what creates a steel into a usable form and what is the most important make-up or composition for a steel.

What is a Steel Made Off?

Let us start with a very basic question: what steel is made from that gives it all its amazing properties?

First, we begin with the iron composition. Iron is now a very useful and most common element in steel composition. However, just using it alone, it is too soft to be very suitable for construction, tools, and other types of applications where you can use steel for. However, by mixing iron into any steel alloy that contains carbon, it becomes much stronger and very durable.

With this in mind, the purified and enhanced steel version is called steel. In creating stainless steel there are other elements being added such as chromium, manganese and nickel. In creating stainless steel, it is also necessary to remove the impure ones such as nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus.

In addition to this, you get stele that can be used for these several types of application through the step of steel-making. A very complex method where steels are being processed and manufactured into its desirable, usable form. By also combining different elements, steels are being created in durable and flexible form.