In each and every key fob, there exists a remote reader system that requires a security measure that can either give access to a door lock or deny it. The manufacturers of key fobs put an additional layer of security by using a good locking mechanism. Once the user pushes the button on the fob, the locking mechanism gage the signal if it matches with the data inside the key fobs. Once the data transmitted via the frequency, the receiver matches the data. When these matches, the locking mechanism will work.

Key fobs and the remote readers can be programmed by engineers to make an open access platform for these accessories. The manufacturers of key fobs can have a design for one key fob that can transmit frequency to multiple devices. This mechanism allows the person to share the access with other people to one same door within a place. For example, in a commercial place there are going to have function places or meeting rooms, people or personnel should have duplicate key fobs to a specific area. All the people that has same key fobs would be granted access to any function area within commercial areas.

What are multi-level remote entry access?

The setup for remote entry access are quite feasible and doable, there are still plenty and numerous options in setting everything up. So that the remote entry would have wide range of settings. For some commercial places, they can have a server that handles and manages various and different levels of access that will act as a locking mechanism for all locks within the building or they can micro-manage some specific areas within the building.

The said server can multi-task and can communicate with many key fobs and readers all at the same time. This happens when access is granted on various levels of the building. Some key person might be granted access to the entire establishment, and there are others who are granted access with only specific areas. The administrator of the building can program the lock & security permissions in the building without requiring new fobs or readers every single time when it updates.

With this in mind, this type of remote access is more convenient and can assure the users that it is secured. It also gives them the opportunity to have this accessory in their pockets without needing to worry about carrying a lot of keys. They can already unlock their house or car from a distance and they will not be worried about finding the right key to unlock a certain establishment or even a house. There is a high level of security and there’s no need to constantly change keys and locks for this application.