How Can You Determine Differences Between Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel?

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most popular steel because it is commonly used in several industries such as construction, industrial, and engineering companies. Stainless steel has a very good durability and versatility of a steel material that makes it very useful in just almost everything. It can be used in private homes to commercial businesses to manufacturing processes. In almost everywhere, you can see stainless steel being utilized in their processes.

Because of these very amazing properties, aside from being it a very popular material around the world, it is also one of the most commonly used materials for making an electronics enclosure. Stainless steel can bring many great benefit to an electrical box, such as follows:

Stainless steel electronics enclosure has the capability to effectively resist sever and harmful, extreme weather conditions.

Stainless steel can be a very good material for security and limiting unauthorized access.

Stainless steel has high resistance to corrosion and makes a wonderful enclosure that can be used for marine offshore applications and food manufacturing plants.

It can give protection against solid ingress that can occur from airborne dust and debri.s

As a user, you might also be wondering what gives these types of materials these amazing characteristics. Also, what makes it different from other common types of steel such as carbon steel? In this article we will also dive into what creates a steel into a usable form and what is the most important make-up or composition for a steel.

What is a Steel Made Off?

Let us start with a very basic question: what steel is made from that gives it all its amazing properties?

First, we begin with the iron composition. Iron is now a very useful and most common element in steel composition. However, just using it alone, it is too soft to be very suitable for construction, tools, and other types of applications where you can use steel for. However, by mixing iron into any steel alloy that contains carbon, it becomes much stronger and very durable.

With this in mind, the purified and enhanced steel version is called steel. In creating stainless steel there are other elements being added such as chromium, manganese and nickel. In creating stainless steel, it is also necessary to remove the impure ones such as nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus.

In addition to this, you get stele that can be used for these several types of application through the step of steel-making. A very complex method where steels are being processed and manufactured into its desirable, usable form. By also combining different elements, steels are being created in durable and flexible form.


Purpose of Electronics Enclosure on Small Devices

In each and every key fob, there exists a remote reader system that requires a security measure that can either give access to a door lock or deny it. The manufacturers of key fobs put an additional layer of security by using a good locking mechanism. Once the user pushes the button on the fob, the locking mechanism gage the signal if it matches with the data inside the key fobs. Once the data transmitted via the frequency, the receiver matches the data. When these matches, the locking mechanism will work.

Key fobs and the remote readers can be programmed by engineers to make an open access platform for these accessories. The manufacturers of key fobs can have a design for one key fob that can transmit frequency to multiple devices. This mechanism allows the person to share the access with other people to one same door within a place. For example, in a commercial place there are going to have function places or meeting rooms, people or personnel should have duplicate key fobs to a specific area. All the people that has same key fobs would be granted access to any function area within commercial areas.

What are multi-level remote entry access?

The setup for remote entry access are quite feasible and doable, there are still plenty and numerous options in setting everything up. So that the remote entry would have wide range of settings. For some commercial places, they can have a server that handles and manages various and different levels of access that will act as a locking mechanism for all locks within the building or they can micro-manage some specific areas within the building.

The said server can multi-task and can communicate with many key fobs and readers all at the same time. This happens when access is granted on various levels of the building. Some key person might be granted access to the entire establishment, and there are others who are granted access with only specific areas. The administrator of the building can program the lock & security permissions in the building without requiring new fobs or readers every single time when it updates.

With this in mind, this type of remote access is more convenient and can assure the users that it is secured. It also gives them the opportunity to have this accessory in their pockets without needing to worry about carrying a lot of keys. They can already unlock their house or car from a distance and they will not be worried about finding the right key to unlock a certain establishment or even a house. There is a high level of security and there’s no need to constantly change keys and locks for this application.


Effective Ways in Choosing Weatherproof vs. Waterproof

Whether its for engineering project or industrial use, choosing the right enclosure is very critical to the overall success of one project. However, it is important to know the conditions the enclosure will be exposed to have a better shot of success.

However, all installations that will require enclosures to be installed outdoors or be exposed to water, or be exposed to different foreign objects/materials like dust should be in line with the standards set by the industry. How does this affect your decision?

Luckily, the IEC or International Electrotechnical Commission has established certain guidelines for setting ratings for different types of enclosure. This rating will have its purpose of determining which enclosure is applicable to any type of application. Especially when the enclosure is to be used outdoors. The IP code or International Protection Rating gives design engineers or architects a good basis for enclosure design. This rating will also help engineers decide which enclosure. should they use

Basic Understanding of IP Codes

To have a better understanding of the different levels of protection enclosure gives, we need to first understand what these IP codes are defined.

The IP ratings or International Protection Rating are composed of two digit designation. These two digits has their own standard of protection provided from solid or water ingress. From human fingers to dust particles, IP rated enclosure offers six level of protection against solid ingress (first digit.)

For the second digit, it gives the consumers the idea of the level of protection an IP rated enclosure provides from non-reactive liquids such as water. However, it is important to note that IP rated enclosures can only give protection from clear liquid ingress. This code is based on eight-level rating system – from basic water ingress protection against water dripping to protection from fully submerged product.

Weatherproof IP Enclosures

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, an enclosure will only considered to be weatherproof if it is rated for protection that ranges from dripping water to hose directed low pressure sprayed water.

This type of enclosure is usually the best option for an enclosure that will be installed in places wherein there is an additional means of protection. Meaning an enclosure should be protected by a roof or fascia. However, it is important to note that the weatherproof enclosure can be jeopardized if dust or water is directed to the enclosure at a high pressure. For added level of protection, use enclosures that has high rating for both weatherproof and waterproof protection.

Waterproof IP Enclosures

An electrical enclosure is considered to be “waterproof” if it is able to protect the equipment or inside contents of the enclosure from water ingress or liquid intrusion when it is completely immersed underwater (at a limited depth.)

Waterproof enclosures gives a comprehensive and holistic form of protection and they are the best choice in locations where there is presence of high moisture or harsh environments where there is harmful elements.

In addition to this, waterproof enclosures always exceed the minimum standards of a weatherproof electrical enclosure. Thus it gives and assures greater safeguards to prevent electronics failure because of a possible water ingress.


What is the Latest News About the Green Movement?

I am fully aware as an individual of the responsibility I have in taking care of the environment. This means that I should shift and maintain my lifestyle that supports the environment. This entails choosing the right products to use and supporting organic farming. However, this is easier said than done. There are a lot of things that are needed to be done end because of it, this process should be taken in a step by step matter.

Also I try to incorporate this in my everyday lifestyle. This means that I am doing my best to recycle all the plastics from the packaging of the products, etc. I should always turn off the water when I am brushing my teeth. I remembered the thought of “every little piece” counts when it comes to doing the 3R’s of cleaning the garbage.

In light with today’s industrial companies – also including the individuals – we should be all vigilant in doing the country’s effort in the conservation and the protection of our environmental resources. They are not there forever and we should be taking care of them for the next generation. In terms of upgrading to a very good efficient lighting installed in our offices and warehouses, is the best way to reduce the energy consumption of the company while contributing to the efficient energy plan of the country. This is while we do the improvement for the work environment.

There are companies now that has started the retrofitting of their lighting installed in their offices and warehouses. This retrofit process carefully replaces the majority of the components within a lighting system that has equipment counterparts to be able to utilize energy more efficiently.

With this in mind, according to statistical data from the Energy Information Administration, the majority of the electricity being used in the Untied States comes from the consumption of businesses to operate the buildings. Because of this huge consumption of electricity in United States, it is estimated that this process has caused the increase in CO2 emissions up by 38%.

The companies now should start thinking and developing ways how they can promote the efficient usage of electricity because this will have a great impact on the environment. Companies should start devising ways how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Ligting Retrofits will effectively calculate how much of the electricity will be saved and the amount of emission reduction that will happen from the lighting upgrade.


Do you Need Large Enclosures for Huge Engineering Electronics Projects?

Whoever said that big things are always the better things, this saying is obviously will not work when it comes to electronic enclosures industry. Companies believe that good things can come in really big packages – especially on electronics enclosure. The largest size of electronics enclosures shows that there is enough interior space that comes with a very strong and durable exterior that is just perfect for catering your heavy-duty project requirements.

With this in mind, let us start with a company’s electronics enclosure product that is readily available with or without the surface mounting flanges. The electronics enclosure box comes with the 10 x 6 x 3 inches and is readily available in colors black or gray. The optional smooth area that comes with it is very ideal when displaying some of the graphic overlays. The enclosure can come with its standard 8 PCB mounting bosses that is found on the base. The covers of its screws also has the brass inserts for a smoother and more efficient use.

There are also some sizes that is just perfect requirement for some for of weather proofing of enclosures. Some of this also belongs to the companies’ NEMA-rated enclosures family. For guidelines, here are the dimensions you and a company can use.

  • 10.43 x 7.28 x 3.74 inches
  • 10.43 x 7.28 x 3.74 inches
  • 9.45 x 6.30 x 3.60 inches
  • 11.81 x 9.05” x 3.40 inches
  • 14.12 x 7.84 x 5.96 inches

These specifications come with specific sizes that comes in IP ratings IP65 of IEC 529. They also come with some electronics enclosure standard that has both brass-threaded PCB mounting bosses and some shorter plastic bosses. They can also come with stainless steel crews that is being threaded inside the brass inserts to efficiently cover on/cover off some of the applications.

This electronics enclosure assembly also includes some of base, silicone gasket, cover, and 6 enclosures’ screws. There are electronics enclosure that is being molded using a dark gray ABS plastic whilst there are electronics enclosure series that are currently being molded just by using a UV stabilized light gray polycarbonate. This makes them a very good choice for some of the outdoor applications of the customers.