What is the Latest News About the Green Movement?

I am fully aware as an individual of the responsibility I have in taking care of the environment. This means that I should shift and maintain my lifestyle that supports the environment. This entails choosing the right products to use and supporting organic farming. However, this is easier said than done. There are a lot of things that are needed to be done end because of it, this process should be taken in a step by step matter.

Also I try to incorporate this in my everyday lifestyle. This means that I am doing my best to recycle all the plastics from the packaging of the products, etc. I should always turn off the water when I am brushing my teeth. I remembered the thought of “every little piece” counts when it comes to doing the 3R’s of cleaning the garbage.

In light with today’s industrial companies – also including the individuals – we should be all vigilant in doing the country’s effort in the conservation and the protection of our environmental resources. They are not there forever and we should be taking care of them for the next generation. In terms of upgrading to a very good efficient lighting installed in our offices and warehouses, is the best way to reduce the energy consumption of the company while contributing to the efficient energy plan of the country. This is while we do the improvement for the work environment.

There are companies now that has started the retrofitting of their lighting installed in their offices and warehouses. This retrofit process carefully replaces the majority of the components within a lighting system that has equipment counterparts to be able to utilize energy more efficiently.

With this in mind, according to statistical data from the Energy Information Administration, the majority of the electricity being used in the Untied States comes from the consumption of businesses to operate the buildings. Because of this huge consumption of electricity in United States, it is estimated that this process has caused the increase in CO2 emissions up by 38%.

The companies now should start thinking and developing ways how they can promote the efficient usage of electricity because this will have a great impact on the environment. Companies should start devising ways how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Ligting Retrofits will effectively calculate how much of the electricity will be saved and the amount of emission reduction that will happen from the lighting upgrade.


Do you Need Large Enclosures for Huge Engineering Electronics Projects?

Whoever said that big things are always the better things, this saying is obviously will not work when it comes to electronic enclosures industry. Companies believe that good things can come in really big packages – especially on electronics enclosure. The largest size of electronics enclosures shows that there is enough interior space that comes with a very strong and durable exterior that is just perfect for catering your heavy-duty project requirements.

With this in mind, let us start with a company’s electronics enclosure product that is readily available with or without the surface mounting flanges. The electronics enclosure box comes with the 10 x 6 x 3 inches and is readily available in colors black or gray. The optional smooth area that comes with it is very ideal when displaying some of the graphic overlays. The enclosure can come with its standard 8 PCB mounting bosses that is found on the base. The covers of its screws also has the brass inserts for a smoother and more efficient use.

There are also some sizes that is just perfect requirement for some for of weather proofing of enclosures. Some of this also belongs to the companies’ NEMA-rated enclosures family. For guidelines, here are the dimensions you and a company can use.

  • 10.43 x 7.28 x 3.74 inches
  • 10.43 x 7.28 x 3.74 inches
  • 9.45 x 6.30 x 3.60 inches
  • 11.81 x 9.05” x 3.40 inches
  • 14.12 x 7.84 x 5.96 inches

These specifications come with specific sizes that comes in IP ratings IP65 of IEC 529. They also come with some electronics enclosure standard that has both brass-threaded PCB mounting bosses and some shorter plastic bosses. They can also come with stainless steel crews that is being threaded inside the brass inserts to efficiently cover on/cover off some of the applications.

This electronics enclosure assembly also includes some of base, silicone gasket, cover, and 6 enclosures’ screws. There are electronics enclosure that is being molded using a dark gray ABS plastic whilst there are electronics enclosure series that are currently being molded just by using a UV stabilized light gray polycarbonate. This makes them a very good choice for some of the outdoor applications of the customers.


What are Different Accessories Being Used for Server Racks?

Cage Nuts

Cage nuts are primarily being utilized for the server racks that comes with square mounting holes. This very useful hardware will give you the provision to quickly change the threads interchangeably while never having some of the stripped tapped holes being seen on the server rack. The cage nuts can come in variety of multiple sizes, but there are three most common types being used today. These are the 10-32 Cage nuts, 12-24 Cage nuts, and as an M6 Cage nut.

The type of cage nut will greatly depend on the type of equipment you are mounting; one would easily choose the specific type of cage nut in order for them to match the equipment they are using. The only disadvantage to some of the cage nuts is that it can be really difficult when they install or remove them. However, the cage nut removal tool removes this problem.

Filler Panel and Blanking Panel

These two have different names but they almost have the same meaning. Let me explain the major differences between the two, the filler panels or the flat sheets of metal has that “fill” empty “U” spaces located on the server rack. The important thing about these panels are they are effective in assisting the airflow very efficiently and they are managing the prevention of exhaust air being released from warming the cooler air. This entire process contributes in helping of cooling the server rack more efficiently. The filler and also the blanking panels became one of the best yet cost effective methods of decreasing the energy costs.

“U” Space/Rack Unit

The single rack unit or “U” space is almost equivalent to 1.750 inches or 44.45 millimeters worth of space. This one “U” worth of space has the inclusion of three holes that comes with the mounting of the hardware unto the server rack or wall mount. When you are deciding on which server size that you would greatly need, most of the engineers will probably consider the number of “U” spaces initially before doing a research on which type of server rack they should purchase.


The Strong and Durable Server Rack Enclosures

If you are searching for a server rack solution that does not require you to leave your most valuable equipment just out in the open space. The server enclosures are the best solution! These electronics enclosure will surely remind you of your own cabinet or even wardrobe. These enclosed server racks are primarily designed to make your equipment safer and in contained comparison to an open rack.

These server racks can generally accommodate tons of weight and these can be locked on all of its sides in order to give the users the best protection. In addition to this, there are companies that can give you the best design to give you the best customized enclosed rack to be able to meet your companies’ needs.

These server rack electronics enclosures have different range of sizes. These can vary from 22U to 48U. In addition to this, the depth ranges of the electronics enclosure can vary from 20 inches to 48 inches in depth. If it is really needed, there are a lot of data cabinets that has an extended width for it to be able to accommodate cable-heavy engineer applications. The data center for some of the electronics enclosure has an unparalleled weight capacity. Some of the said cabinets can accommodate weights of up to 2,300 pounds.

Our data rack enclosures are available in either economically priced stocked configurations, for when you need the usual features, or custom-designed configurations for when you have special requirements in terms of size, function or features, color, or really anything else.

If you will be able to find the most suitable electronics enclosure server rack for your company that would be great! You just have to select and choose from wide range of products several companies have to offer. These companies can also give you server racks with just the normal features.

These companies can easily customize server rack enclosures for you to be able to meet your needs. Just give your preferred company the exact measurement you want to have for your server rack electronics enclosure as well as the needed functions and designs that can cater to your needs.

There are Good Projects that Comes in Small and New Packages

I had the chance to take a brief and short break from the weather this past weekend. And because of that I decided to finally do my gardening project. My initial step for this is to always break the dirt up and that were matted down after months of exposure to heavy and very cold snow. I now then took my shovel and I started kickin up the frozen patches of ground until my entire garden is alive again.

This deep, dark black color of the ground soil started telling me that it is possible that it has rich nutrients that were left behind by the previous’ years of vegetation. The most interesting spin for this is that my garden has the dimensions of 9 feet long and 4 feet wide. My shovel is only 3 feet long and I am only 5’2”. With these measurements, it gives me the best advantage. A taller shovel would only be too bothersome and it can lose my balance.

Do you remember the old phrase that goes like “Good things comes in small packages”? I believe I have already proven that idiom.

When it comes to electronics enclosure, companies are also into producing smaller handheld enclosures. There is the VK-62 from Polycase that has the dimensions of 5.74 x 1.82 x 1.31 inches. These are available in a 2AA battery compartment and it has just the perfect size for fitting the electronics equipment inside while there is enough power to supply and run the product.

Even with the small enclosure that only has only 2 AA sized batteries, the battery compartment can also add to the enclosures’ handheld compact nature – by making sure that the slender profile should be maintained especially for in-hand applications.

In order to add the style for the use of the product, there are electronics enclosure is widely available in bright white or standard black using an ABS plastic material. There are handheld electronics enclosure that can be customized or modified with certain cutouts for switches and the connectors of all kinds.

Do you still need your company’s instruction, button, or labels to be applied on the enclosure? It will not be a problem. The company’s printing laboratories can print nearly on any text or graphics that has to be on the surface of the enclosure. And it is now being printed using the permanent and wear resistant ink.